Seasonal Fall Allergies

dog sneezing while standing in the woods in the fall

Published on: November 4, 2019

In this area of the country, cooler weather and seasonal changes associated with Fall starts in late October to November. With the cooler weather comes more outdoor activities, and along with it increased exposure to allergens in the environment. For humans like us, this typically manifests with runny eyes, sneezing and runny nose, and congestion. For our canine and feline companions, although they may also show some similar signs, a more important sign of possible allergies in our furry friends may include generalized or localized itching anywhere along the body, licking areas of the belly or feet in particular, and many times infections secondary to the scratching and licking. It is important as we head into the cooler months to keep a close eye on these signs and seek veterinary care if you do notice licking or itching, since we have many therapies available to help keep our furry friends much more comfortable during allergy season. These symptoms may also be clues to diseases pets can develop over time like hypothyroidism. With early detection and management, we can deal with any medical concerns quicker, which will benefit our pets in the long run.

Dr. Fox