A Day on the Road with BrownDog Lodge Veterinary Clinic’s Pet Pick Up and Delivery Service


Published on: June 24, 2020

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Today is a big day. Mom said I get to go see my friends at BrownDog Lodge Veterinary Clinic here in Arlington, TN. They always give me lots of pets and hugs when I get there, and sometimes the nice people in white coats give me treats!

The first fun thing is I get to ride the doggie bus. It pulls up right to the curb and waits for Mom to bring me outside. How do they know which house I live in? That’s a head-scratcher, but somehow, they always find me. Mom gives me a big hug and hands the nice driver my leash, and he leads me onto the big van. I like to sniff around a lot, and he doesn’t make me hurry up.

Mom wags her hand to tell me goodbye, and then we’re off. We listen to music and it’s never too hot or too cold. Sometimes we stop at other houses to pick up new doggy friends. They are really nice and excited like me. We bark hello but we’re not too noisy.

I get my very own crate to ride in. It’s big enough for me to lie down if I wanted to, but I like looking out the window best of all. I see my favorite tree and the mailboxes where we always stop on our morning walks. Now we’re getting close to the Shelby Farms Park where we like to go to meet new friends.

When we get to BrownDog Lodge Veterinary Clinic, they remember my name and try to get me to stand on the scale. I usually wait until they bring out the treats and then I hop on. Then we go to a quiet room where the doctor checks on me. My people friends are very calm and make me feel safe because they are in charge and they think like dogs even though they aren’t.

Now it’s already time to go home. The driver takes me back to the van and finds my crate. This time I might take a little nap because I get sleepy riding around after a busy day. My people are so happy to see me when I get home, and they have more time to play with me because they didn’t have to spend time in traffic or the waiting room. I’m worn out from my big adventure!